The documentary you absolutely must see!

FED_UP_1SHT This documentary completely changed the way I view the food industry and healthy eating. I watched it for the first time in December, and even tough I was eating pretty healthy then, I learned so much about how certain foods or brands are marketed to seem healthy but in fact are not at all. It also highlights how politicians and food compagnies manipulate citizens to make more money and how this contributes to the epidemic of obesity. Most importantly, Fed Up sends out the powerful message that not all calories are equal and that we should not focus on calories, but rather on quality of nutrients. Yes you can eat 1200 calories a day of doughnuts and (maybe) lose weight, but you certainly won’t be feeling your best! On the other hand, you could also eat 2000 + calories of nutritious and delicious food and feel so energetic, healthy and vibrant. Finally, this documentary convinced me to drastically reduce my sugar intake and stop purchasing processed foods. I used to eat a lot of Kashi granola bars as a snack, but when I realized the sugar content, I decided I would simply start making my own granola bars. They are healthier and taste way better than the packaged version.  The same applies to store-bought hummus, granola, crackers, etc. I will be sharing my recipes to help you reduce the quantity of processed foods you eat. I hope you enjoy the documentary as much as I did and let me know your thoughts about it! (You can rent it on Netflix) Shannon xx


30 thoughts on “The documentary you absolutely must see!

  1. Is the documentary avalaible online ?
    I really want to change things up and be healthier. My first goal is to say no to refined sugar and processed food. I think that it’s achievable. 🙂


    1. Hi Sarah!
      Yes it is, you can rent it on iTunes or Netflix. I think it would also probably be on streaming but it might be harder to find… I have also seen it at Club Videotron 😉 It is so worth the price of renting it I promise! It will definitely help you understand how important it is to reduce refined sugar and processed food. Your first goal is a fantastic one and achievable. You will see so many health benefits of eating whole foods 🙂 Have a nice day!

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  2. I saw this documentary a few weeks ago, and I was absolutely shocked! Being French, I just couldn’t believe what these kids get at school for lunch: pizza and fast food everyday. It’s insane!
    Just like you, I really loved this documentary and the message it conveys. A must see!



    1. Yes it’s totally crazy what these kids eat. In Canada the situation is bit better, but you can still buy french fries and burgers at school… I think this documentary should be mandatory for all students and parents! 🙂


      1. I agree with you, everyone should be aware of this growing problem… I mean, a lot of people probably “kind of know”, but they should really face the reality of things rather than choose to ignore it.


      2. I completely agree with your thought – ‘documentary should be mandatory for all students and parents!’ – it really should be. Such an eye opener.


  3. Hi Shannon,

    Peter and I watched Fed Up last night. I was left completely shocked and disgusted. I live in the UK and had no idea that it was quite that bad over in the states. How unearth can the food industries have so much power and influence?! It’s like a form of brain washing – their deliberately targeting youngsters to get them hooked at an early age and addicted to the white stuff. I used to naively think that it was the person’s fault for being overweight / obese, but from seeing Fed Up, it really seems that they are completely helpless. They have no idea what is healthy for them because they’re being fed a whole load of lies. I felt extremely sorry for the people who tried to eat healthily and cut out sugar etc. and felt so much better, but then went back into their environment of processed sweets at the checkout of every shop and put the weight back on. I truly believe that they have no hope of being able to get better until it’s all banned and like the film said, until the industry is demonised like cigarette firms. And the truth is, it wouldn’t take long before the weight fell of these people, just by eating clean, non-processed and no-sugar ingredients.

    I was truly and utterly left feeling completely fed up. We’re in the process of watching ‘Hungry for Change’ which is also on Netflix and is about the dieting fad of low fat etc – similar to Fed Up but a slightly different angle.

    Vicky x

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    1. I completely agree with everything you wrote ! It really is such an eye-opening documentary. I am happy you enjoyed it ! I have also seen ‘Hungry for Change’ but I did not like it as much as Fed Up, even tough it did contain interesting facts, especially about msg. Let me know how you liked it. Have a nice day !



      1. Hi Shannon,

        I quite liked Hungry For Change because I think helps to inspire people to make changes themselves – they recognised it was a problem created by the food industry but highlighted why people should change and how, rather than portraying the picture that they have no hope. That said, it can’t be easy at all to walk into shops of all types and be bombarded by sugary snacks all the time. It would take so much will power not to give in. It just helped to reinforce why we should go back to eating natural and seasonal produce – not only to lose weight but to promote healthier skin, hair, and most importantly minds.

        Both documentaries were useful, just Fed Up used a more shocking way of getting their message across.

        Hope you’re having a nice weekend 🙂


        (Ps. I’ve changed my blog name/url as I wanted to make it a little broader, so I can now be found here: )


  4. The fed up challenge is so hard !! There is sugar in almost everything so it’s hard to eat completely sugar free. It’s also really complicated for me because I can’t tell my mom that I’m doing the fed up challenge. She would think that I’m out of my mind if she knew so I can’t really eat sugar free when she is cooking the family dinner. So I chose to eat sugar free when ever I can (like when I’m cooking) without worrying too much about the challenge because I know that I can’t really fully do it. I basically want to live a sugar free life so I think long term instead of only 10 days. I don’t see that as a failure but as an eye-opening thing. My sugar cravings are already gone so it’s a good thing 🙂 For me it’s extremely positive because before I started the challenge I wasn’t able to say no to sugary things.


    1. Hi Sarah,
      I am so happy for you ! It’s really great that you see this as something you want to keep doing in the long term, and not just a challenge. I think it’s wonderful that you are already reducing your sugar intake and that your cravings are gone ! Good job ! I also completely understand about how hard it can be to tell your family, for a lot of people (my family included) eating THAT healthy seems extreme. Keep me updated on how the rest of your sugar-free journey goes 🙂

      Have a great day !

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  5. I’m officially done with day 7 !!! I mostly followed a vegan diet but because my mom doesn’t approve, I often have to eat meat for dinner and I don’t know why but meat (and fish) has that bad effect on my. I always crave sweets after eating mit 😦 Tonight I binged eat on some really unhealthy food and I feel so bad right now 😦 19 out of 21 meals sugar-free isn’t that bad but I just feel really bad about tonight’s meal ! Any advice ???

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    1. Don’t worry ! It happens to all of us ! 19 out of 21 is fantastic!! Good job ! 🙂 Your mom is probably nervous that you are not getting enough protein. You could suggest to her that you eat beans instead of meat? They contain lots of protein and goodness for your body. Have a nice day !


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